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JiangYin DeKe Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River Golden Triangle City, the first of the top 100 counties in the country, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province - "the town of textiles" Zhouzhuang Town, is a collection of development, production, sales and service of the textile warping equipment High-tech enterprise.

The company has a group of professionals who have been engaged in the development and design of warping machines for many years. It has two assembly production lines with an annual production capacity of 200 sets. It produces four series of dozens of specifications and models, such as DKGA558 type sectional warper, DKGA528 type high speed batch warper, DKGA668 type glass fiber warper and DKGA598 series pulping combined machine, which can meet the requirements of different users and different processes, and can be used with weaving machines ,such as domestic and imported rapier, jet, water spray and film shuttle...



  • DKGA558 Sectional Warping and …

    Scope of Application:

    This machine is suitable for sectional warping various kinds of yarns, including worsted yarn, high twisted filaments, yarn for color-woven fabric, for silk fabric, for towelling fabric and fabric in special industry.

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  • DKGA558 Sectional Warping and Beaming Machine
  • DKGA668Fiberglass Warping Mach…

    Scope of Application:

    Guide the fiberglasss on creel into Steel reeds; after evenly arranging, coil onto the weaving beams for the use of beaming or sizing or weaving machines.

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  • DKGA668Fiberglass Warping Machine
  • DKGA598 type warping-sizing co…

    Scope of Application:

    In textile industry,DKGA598 type warping-sizing combination machine is the facility for preparation before spinning. It can meet the craftwork standard in sizing wool, cotton, hemp, mixed fabric and grey fabric.

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  • DKGA598 type warping-sizing combination machine
  • DKGA528 High Speed Direct Warp…

    Scope of Application:

    The machine can be applied to directly warping varions chopped yarns. It has the charactristics of high efficiency, uniformity denstity and flatness thread. So this kind of machine is the ideal equipment for preparation before sizing and dyeing.

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  • DKGA528 High Speed Direct Warping Machine
  • Products NO.1

    Sectional Warper

  • Products NO.2

    Glass Fiber Warping Machine

  • Products NO.3

    Sizing Machine

  • Products NO.4

    Beam Warper


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